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Regu Fluid Control Co., Ltd. (Regufluid)  is a manufacturer and exporter of valves and sanitary wares in Yuhuan, China. Founded in 2009, we have been supplying quality brass valves, pipe fittings, kitchen & bathroom, showers and taps to all over the world. With over 150 highly skilled and experienced workers in our main factory and sub-factories, we built up constantly reliable quality and good reputation, as well as recognitions from our customers.


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What are brass ball valves ?

Brass ball valve is a kind of valve which is opened and closed by rotating valve ball inside, it will open when the ball hole is line with fluid and will close when the ball rotates 90 degrees, the process is operated by the valve handle.

Brass ball valve's main parts are made of forged brass, settled by PTFE seats, with reliable and stable sealing performance, pressure rating ranges from PN10 to PN40 (1 to 4 Mpa), suitable for middle- and low-pressure flow control systems, such as buildings and plumbing.

Brass ball valves are widely used used to switch, regulate and control of fluid in pipe system, because of following advantages:
1. Low resistance rate, equals to the pipes with same length
2. Simple structure, small in dimension and light in weight
3. Excellent flow control function
4. Easy to operate, quick to switch
5. Convenient to repair












What are the types of brass valves ?

Sort by structure:
ball valve ,angle valve, check valve,
Stop valve, gate valve, regulating valve,
Butterfly valve, pressure reducing valve.

Sort by working pressure:
1.  Ultra-high pressure: PN>100MPa
2.  High pressure:PN10 to 80MPa
3.  Middle pressure: PN2.5 to 6.4MPa
4.  Low pressure: PN<4Mpa.

Sort by working temperature:
1.  Ultra-low temperature <-100 ≧
2.  Low temperature <-100 ≧ to -40 ≧
3.  Normal temperature:-40≧ to 120≧
4.  Middle temperature: 120≧ to 450≧
5.  High temperature: >450≧

Sort by working media:
1.  for water
2.  for oil
3.  for gas






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